Walkers Tear ‘n’ Share

SHARING packs have been growing in popularity recently. Whether it’s in Confectionery or Crisps, most things you buy seem to come with fiddly reclosable seals these days that barely do the job, if you don’t finish the pack off that is beforehand.

But Walkers have changed the game with their new Tear ‘n’ Share idea. They’ve taken three of their favourite flavours as well as two new ideas Walkers Tear 'n' Share Openand have turned their sharing packs into disposable bowls. Unlike other packs, these can be opened from the side with guides telling you where to place your thumbs. With a bit of pressure to puncture the bag, pull the sides apart and the bowl is created. You now have yourselves a free standing packet of Crisps. It saves finding a bowl in the crockery cupboard that would be big enough to house the crisps which then, in turn, saves time washing up as you can just throw the pack away once you’re done.

It’s a really ingenious idea and perfect for snacking in front of the TV or when having a buffet. The packs come in five flavours. There’s Lightly Salted, Cheddar Cheese & Onion and Salt & Malt Vinegar which taste exactly like normal Walkers crisps albeit potentially slightly thicker. Alongside these, there’s a Sweet Chilli Flavour and also a Sticky BBQ Rib Flavour.

Sweet Chilli is a flavour that is certainly gaining notoriety at the moment with most new Crisp creations being available in this flavour. These tasted slightly like Prawn Cocktail but with more of a hot tang. It could be an exciting addition for Sweet Chilli fans as this could potentially pave the way for Walkers to release a standard Sweet Chilli Crisps flavour which would probably go down quite nicely.

The Sticky BBQ Rib Flavour is quite an intriguing one because when Walkers changed their Barbecue flavour to BBQ Rib, it caused quite a stir and performed so badly that is was eventually taken off of the roster. But it seems that Walkers have learned from this as these new crisps seem to taste a little like both of the flavours. There is the familiar taste of the Barbecue flavour but there is less of the tang and more of a smoky flavour which the BBQ Rib flavour had. It’s the best of both worlds and a flavour that works quite nicely.

Overall it’s a product that isn’t overly new, apart from a couple of different flavours, but more of an aesthetic change that works really well. It’s a new way to enjoy Walkers and definitely a great way to share.


Lightly Salted: 75p (ALDI)

Cheddar Cheese & Onion: 75p (Iceland)

Salt & Malt Vinegar: 89p (ALDI)

Sweet Chilli: 85p (ASDA)

Sticky BBQ Rib: £1.25 (ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Iceland)


Lightly Salted: 142 per 30g – 709.5 per 150g Bag

Cheddar Cheese & Onion: 140 per 30g – 702 per 150g Bag

Salt & Malt Vinegar: 139 per 30g – 693.5 per 150g Bag

Sweet Chilli: 141 per 30g – 703.5 per 150g Bag

Sticky BBQ Rib: 140 per 30g – 702 per 150g Bag

Would We Buy Again (5):

Lightly Salted: 3

Cheddar Cheese & Onion: 4

Salt & Malt Vinegar: 4

Sweet Chilli: 4

Sticky BBQ Rib: 4


Walkers Crispy & Melty Crackers

Walkers Mix-Ups – Meaty


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