Kettle Chips Chef’s Signature – Burrata Mozzarella & Sweet Chilli Jam

CONTINUING with brands releasing a new flavour to a recent product line, Kettle Chips have added a fourth flavour to their Chef’s Signature range. Initially, this range was introduced to look rather upmarket and was in partnership with other companies to create these new crisps.

This time, Kettle Chips have teamed up Stokes Sauces to create a Burrata Mozzarella & Sweet Chilli Jam flavour. Originating from Woodbridge in Suffolk in 2004, Stokes has grown to sell 75 different sauces and aims to have a tasty accompaniment to any meal. As for Burrata Mozzarella, it’s Mozzarella with a difference. Burrata is the Italian for Buttery and although the outer of the Cheese is regular Mozzarella, the inside has Mozzarella with some added Cream to make it thicker and obviously taste a bit creamier.

As usual, these Crisps have the standard base flavour which is normally either Meat or Cheese. However, these Crisps don’t really have much of a Cheesy taste to them. The tanginess of the Sweet Chilli Jam has a similar taste to the Cox’s Apple Chutney that was used in another Chef’s Signature flavour. The only difference is that the Sweet Chilli does contain a slight heat that opposes the tanginess but it doesn’t overpower. This is a nice addition to the Chef’s Signature range but they still don’t seem worth paying more for just because of its partnership with another company. Definitely worth trying when they’re cheap though.

Price: £1.25 (Sainsbury’s)

Calories: 156 per 30g – 780 per 150g Bag

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


Kettle Chips – Chef’s Signature

Kettle Chips – Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup


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