Philadelphia – Mediterranean Herbs

IT HAS been mentioned before that some companies try to release new flavours that aren’t too different from others and ultimately end up tasting very similar.

The latest culprits of this have been Philadelphia with their latest flavour, Mediterranean Herbs. Unlike their Salmon flavour, which did offer something different when it was first released, this flavour could easily be mistaken for one of Philadelphia’s most popular flavours, Garlic and Herbs. The only real difference between the two, apart from the lighter green packaging, is that there is a slightly less taste of Garlic. When you think of the Mediterranean, you do think of Olives and Tomatoes and although these aren’t Herbs it may have made a better Mediterranean flavour. If you are thinking of creating a Mediterranean inspired meal then you may want to use this as a spread within Salad Leaves or something but there aren’t really many other unique uses for it. As it tastes so similar to the Garlic and Herbs, you may as well just use that.

On taste alone, this Mediterranean Herbs flavour is a nice flavour from Philadelphia. It still has that thickness about it that spreads nicely and can go with many different meals or even on a Sandwich. But in terms of value for money, you may as well stick to the original Garlic and Herbs flavour and that is what makes this Mediterranean Herbs flavour rather disappointing.

Price: 49p – ALDI

Calories: 64 per 30g serving (Obviously this will vary with how much you use and with what meal you use it for)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 2


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