Daily Fish ‘n’ Chips – Brown Sauce & Red Sauce

ONE of the more unique Crisp companies have created a competition where you can vote between two of the most iconic sauces and potentially bag yourself £10,000.

Burton’s Daily Fish ‘n’ Chips have always been at the heart of a Chippy and have tried to turn all of the takeaway favourites into a baked snack. It originated with the Salt & Vinegar flavour and then Burton’s got increasingly adventurous and began to split the opinion with the likes of Pickled Onion and Curry Sauce.

Now there’s the choice of the two staple sauces that are synonymous with British cafes and restaurants, Brown and Red. Both are quite nice and even if you don’t like the sauces normally, they are both well worth trying. The Brown Sauce flavour has that tang that you would expect but it’s not as overpowering as the actual sauce which will make a lot more people enjoy these snacks. It is a bit fruity with a sharp tang but overall it’s something different and actually quite nice.

The Red Sauce flavour isn’t overly new as Walkers’ Tomato Ketchup flavour has been around for a while. Copyrights aside, Burton’s Red Sauce has that distinct aroma but it actually tastes more like Prawn Cocktail. There is a slight Vinegary burn on the lips which gives an added sense of flavour and also isn’t overpowering. As you can vote for your favourite, our vote would be for the Red Sauce flavour as the Prawn Cocktail tang is slightly nicer than the Brown Sauce tang. Both flavours come in the same five bag multipacks.


Brown Sauce: £1 (ASDA)

Red Sauce: £1 (ASDA)


Brown Sauce: 122 per 25g pack

Red Sauce: 122 per 25g pack

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Brown Sauce: 3

Red Sauce: 4


Kettle Chips Chef’s Signature – Burrata Mozzarella & Sweet Chilli Jam

Walkers Tear ‘n’ Share




3 thoughts on “Daily Fish ‘n’ Chips – Brown Sauce & Red Sauce

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