Yeo Valley Banana & Custard

AS THE Yoghurt business continues to grow in popularity, brands are trying to formulate different flavours that aim to entice people in buying them and, more often than not, enjoying them.

Yeo Valley are one such company and have followed up their Rhubarb & Custard flavour with a new Banana & Custard flavour. Much like how the Rhubarb & Custard flavour only really tasted of Rhubarb, this Banana & Custard flavour is very much the same. It is hard to see how a dairy product such as Custard can be made into another dairy product such as Yoghurt. With this in mind, it is a wonder that the Custard may have only been added to catch the eyes of the customers. A Banana & Custard Yoghurt does sound nicer than a plain Banana Yoghurt.

In terms of taste alone, this is a very nice Yoghurt. It tastes like the Muller Banana Chocolate Flakes flavour, obviously without the Chocolate Flakes. If you are a fan of the Muller flavour then you’ll enjoy Yeo Valley’s Banana & Custard flavour as it is on a larger scale. It’s not the thickest yoghurt but it is quite moreish and, despite the lack of the Custard element, it’s a very nice Yoghurt.

Price: £1.25 (Sainsbury’s)

Calories: 109 per 100g – 490.5 per 450g pot  

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


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