Kettle Bites

WITH HEALTHY snacking becoming more and more prominent, certain brands are having to try and reinvent themselves in order to join the party and keep the revenue rolling in.

Kettle Chips are one of the latest brands to do this and they have released two new products that are at the opposite ends of the taste spectrum. Their new Multigrain Waves and Lentil Curls are available in two differing flavours and where one might become quite a popular new snack, the other, unless you like them, needs to seriously go back to the drawing board and start again.

The Multigrain Waves are available in Maple Barbecue and Coconut, Lime & Chilli flavours. They are very light crisps with a similar texture to a Frazzle. Continuing with the Barbecue theme, the Maple Barbecue Multigrain Waves taste more like BBQ Pringles with perhaps a little more tang but a lot less flavouring. Being healthier than Pringles, around 60 calories healthier per pack, these are probably the best of the four varieties and definitely the most familiar.

The Coconut, Lime & Chilli Multigrain Waves give a slight Indian taste to them. There is a slight heat to these crisps but it’s not really overpowering. This is definitely a unique idea and it’s been pulled off quite nicely. If you are a fan of a bit of heat or quite like Indian tasting food then these are definitely worth trying.

As nice as the Multigrain Waves are, the Lentil Curls are the first product to have been tried that were actually unfinishable. If you quite like Lentils then these may be better for you, but if you’ve never had Lentils or don’t like them then don’t try these. The Mozzarella & Pesto Lentil Curls don’t really have any taste to them, they just burn the throat and want to make you cough. The Sweet Chilli Lentil Curls had a little more flavour to them but again the Lentil taste was just too much and extremely hard to swallow. They might be better if they had more flavouring as the Lentil was just far too overpowering but then they’d be more calorific and would therefore not be the healthy snack that Kettle Bites are trying to be.

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to most crisps then look at having the Multigrain Waves as these are nice and don’t taste like they’re supposed to be healthy, which is what you want in healthy foods. All products are available in multi-packs of five.


Maple Barbecue Multigrain Waves: 99p (ALDI)

Coconut, Lime & Chilli Multigrain Waves: £1 (Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, ASDA)

Mozzarella & Pesto Lentil Curls: 99p (ALDI)

Sweet Chilli Lentil Curls: 99p (ALDI)


Maple Barbecue Multigrain Waves: 95 per 22g pack

Coconut, Lime & Chilli Multigrain Waves: 96 per 22g pack

Mozzarella & Pesto Lentil Curls: 96.5 per 22g pack

Sweet Chilli Lentil Curls: 94 per 22g pack

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Maple Barbecue Multigrain Waves: 4

Coconut, Lime & Chilli Multigrain Waves: 3

Mozzarella & Pesto Lentil Curls: 0

Sweet Chilli Lentil Curls: 0


Kettle Chips – Chef’s Signature

Kettle Chips Seasonal Editions




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