Brewers Fayre Spring Menu 2016 – (With Pics)

THE THIRD chain to release their Spring Menu is Brewers Fayre and their biggest additions seem to be in the dessert department. This post, like the others in the series, will be updated every time that we try more of their mew menu. All pictures have been taken from the Weston-Super-Mare restaurant.

StartersThai Fishcakes

A more adventurous new starter comes in the form of Thai Fishcakes. The four Fishcakes are spiced with a Chilli and Lemongrass crumb that doesn’t really give much of a heat. The texture doesn’t really feel like you are eating Fish, it feels a bit Beefy and the added flavours completely take any Fish taste away. The Sweet Chilli dip is arguably hotter than the Fishcakes but there is a heat from the accompanying Red Chilli and Spring Onion. It is something different and quite a modest starter that is well worth trying. Price: £4.79.


Our first tastes of this new menu came in the form of their new Vegetarian Lasagne and their Cheese & Mushroom Burger. We’ve had a couple of really catastrophic visits to Brewers Fayre in the last couple of months, so when these meals arrived on our table after five to ten minutes of ordering we could be forgiven for being slightly anxious.

However, despite it’s obvious lack of freshness, the Feta & Sweet Potato Lasagne did taste quite nice. Even without the meat, this Lasagne Feta & Sweet Potato Lasagnetasted like a standard Lasagne and will be a nice option for Vegetarians. The Sweet Potato offered a differing texture to the rest of the dish as it was something you had to bite into. But it was soft and tasted fine. The only real negative of this dish, which is served with a side Salad and Garlic Bread, is that there is no taste of crumbly Feta, which was actually supposed to be a sauce. There was either very little of it or it was just overpowered by the Mozzarella and Tomato Ragu Sauce. As the inclusion of Feta is what may have drawn people to trying this dish, you might find this disappointing. There’s the same Spinach from their previous Vegetarian Lasagne but the inclusion of Sweet Potato is something different and it actually works really well. Price: £8.49.Cheese & Mushroom Burger

As far as new Burgers go, a Beef, Cheese & Mushroom one isn’t the most unique creation. Table Table created one last year that arguably had less Mushrooms than Onions on it which left a lot to be desired. Brewers Fayre’s attempt comes in a Sesame Seeded Bun which had sunken in the middle but was still soft, mainly. The Burger was tender enough and there were enough Mushrooms to know they were there which is good. The meal is completed with the usual Chips and Coleslaw. It doesn’t stand out as a must-have Burger but if it is a Burger you’re wanting and if you like your Mushrooms then it’s certainly worth having. Price: £8.49.

Chicken Garlic ChickenOne of the more expensive ‘Classic Mains’ is now their new Chicken Garlic Chicken. Despite its repetitive name, this jazzed up sounding meal is basically a Chicken Kiev topped with an Egg and accompanied with Chips. If you like your Chicken then this isn’t a bad option as you get quite a sizeable Chicken portion. The only real downside to this meal is that the Garlic sauce doesn’t really cover the whole of the Chicken which leaves it a bit dry at times. For the price, you’d maybe expect a bit more in terms of flavours as the nicer Smothered Chicken is cheaper but slightly smaller. It is a dish for Chicken fans though. Price: £9.49.

Another new dish on the Classic Mexican Beef ChilliMains section of the menu comes in the form of Mexican Beef Chilli. It looks slightly small on first impressions but the added Tortilla Chips and Rice do make this quite a hearty meal. It’s not particularly hot which makes this rather flavourful, although if you bite into the Red Chillis without much else, you will feel a heat. The added Tortilla Chips gives something to dip into the Chilli and also conveys the Mexican feel. It is a different touch which can make this more enticing as this meal probably won’t catch the eye in comparison with others. But if you do decide to give it a go, you won’t be disappointed and its heartiness does make it quite good value for money. Price: £8.99.


Dirty Mud PieIn the Autumn/Winter Menus, Hungry Horse’s Cookie Brownie Rocky Road Stack took the plaudits for being the most sickly yet moreish chocolatey dessert. This time around, Brewer’s Fayre are in serious contention with their new Dirty Mud Pie. On first glance, it doesn’t look like it’s very big. But what makes this dessert is how thick it is. The base of the Pie is a Chocolate Biscuit that is covered with Chocolate Brownie. There’s no crunch of a Biscuit but the Brownie is very soft and with Chocolate Chips that oozed apart with every bite. There’s layers of Chocolate and Fudge Sauce which makes this dessert even more indulgent. There’s a slight Caramel taste to one of the layers which gives this a slight Millionaire’s Shortbread taste to it but without the Biscuit texture. The Pie is topped with White Chocolate shavings and crumbled Flake pieces. If all that wasn’t enough then there’s also Vanilla Ice Cream topped with more crumbled Flake Pieces and Chocolate Sauce to give more flavour to the Ice Cream. It’s a sweet treat that has so much to offer and is definitely one for the chocoholics among you. £3.99.

There were a couple of Crumbles that warmed the heart in the Winter and now Brewers Apple & Cinnamon CrumbleFayre have created an Apple & Cinnamon Crumble. On paper, this sounds really nice and the Cinnamon would add a spiced flavour which would be slightly different to your ordinary Crumble. Unfortunately, despite have that nice Cinnamon aroma, there was very little taste of it and it just left us with a standard Crumble. The Apples were just sour enough and the Custard accompanied it really well. It was just slightly disappointing that there wasn’t more of a taste of Cinnamon which would be a real nice addition to the dish. As a Crumble it Banoffee Piewas fine but it needed more Cinnamon to really be sold as an Apple & Cinnamon Crumble. Price: £4.49.

Another classic dessert that Brewers Fayre have added to their new menu is the Banoffee Pie. There’s no accompaniment with this dessert, it’s a Biscuit based slice of Pie with that indulgent layer of Toffee. It’s topped with a thick layer of soft Cream that’s topped with a good amount of Banana slices. The slices are drizzled with Toffee Sauce and if you’re looking for something slightly lighter to end your meal, this would be a great option. It is a really moreish dessert that could have been finished off with some Ice Cream perhaps. Price: £3.99.

Brewers Fayre have also ventured to Europe to try their Tiramisuhand at a classic Italian dessert. Again their Tiramisu isn’t accompanied by any Ice Cream or anything which does leave the plate slightly bare. This is Cake of two halves, one layer tastes like a shot of pure Espresso. It’s slightly bitter but the Coffee taste does make it quite authentic. The other half is a really creamy Soft Cheese that tastes really good. There’s also some crumbled Flake pieces which adds a slight crunch and an extra sweet taste. Again, it’s quite a small dessert but it is a very good take on the Italian classic and well worth having. Price: £3.99.


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