Metcalfe’s Skinny Popcorn – Honey Bee

POPCORN is one of those foods that is very much being experimented with at the minute, with many more flavours being introduced into the market. Butterkist have recently been experimenting with more savoury flavours and even Cheese flavoured Popcorn has been seen on the shelves.

Metcalfe’s, the self-proclaimed healthier Popcorn brand, have decided to keep it sweet but are also cashing in on the salty sweet trend that’s been sweeping the nation recently. Their new Honey Bee Popcorn is made with real Honey and although that sounds like a sweet flavour, it has been placed upon a base of Salted Popcorn.

The salty taste is the initial flavour that you’re hit with but then you get that sweeter, if not smokier, flavour from the Honey. The saltiness does slightly build up over time but they are actually quite moreish which is what makes this oxymoronic trend so successful. If you’re wanting to try a new flavour of Popcorn but maybe not one that seems out of this world, this would be a really good option. It’s also healthier than other brands which makes this accessible to those who are looking after the pounds at the moment but still want to be eating something that tastes good.

Price: 75p per 75g pack – (Morrisons)

Calories: 117 per 25g serving – 351 per 75g pack

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


Butterkist Gingerbread Popcorn

Walkers Mix-Ups


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