Chicago Town Takeaway – Pulled Beef Brisket

FOLLOWING on from the success of BBQ Pulled Pork, the latest American export hoping to make it big across the pond is Brisket. Brisket is an absolute staple on the American Barbecue scene, usually smothered in that familiar smoky BBQ Sauce and sometimes shredded just like Pulled Pork.

One of the first companies to incorporate Brisket into their products is Chicago Town with their latest limited edition Takeaway style Pizza. Their standard thin and crispy base is topped with that tangy BBQ Sauce, which some feel doesn’t taste as nice as traditional smoky BBQ sauce. The Pizza also comes with their standard saucy stuffed crust which adds a bit more flavour to the Pizza.

The Brisket is a lot chewier than Pork and, after a while, it can become quite dry which is what might put people off. It didn’t taste dry on this Pizza but it was definitely chewier and not really as juicy or as flavourful than standard Pizza toppings. Alongside the Brisket is Green Peppers which do add a softer texture to your bite and offer a different colour to the rest of the Pizza.

Overall, this isn’t the nicest new Pizza ever made. It’s fine enough and offers something new with Chicago Town hoping to cash in on what looks to be the next trend from America. If Chicago Town used a proper smoky BBQ Sauce and perhaps more of it to really smother the Brisket, this could have been a nice meaty Pizza that you wouldn’t want to come to an end.

Price: £2 (Iceland & Morrisons)

Calories: 263 (per 100g) – 1683 (per Pizza)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 2


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