Cadbury Pots of Joy – Strawberries & Creme

CADBURY’S latest edition of their small but luxurious dessert pots comes in the form of Strawberries and Creme. With the Summer side of Spring hoping to emerge soon, the taste of Strawberries will be on the lips of everyone with that familiar tang which is synonymous with the sun. You don’t get that tang with these new Yoghurts but you do get quite a nice, thick, dessert.

Below a top layer of that smooth Chocolate, there’s a Strawberry underlay that’s as thick as the inside of a Creme Egg. It does taste like a typical Strawberry dairy product but it’s thickness makes this very moreish and enjoyable. This make up could suggest a new Strawberry Creme Egg which would be something very new and exciting, but for now it has to be enjoyed in a pot.

It is a nice chocolatey dessert with two luxurious layers that offer differing flavours. It’s thickness does add a slight value for money factor but overall the real downside with these products is that the pots are far too small and you are always left wanting more, despite its calorific contents. These limited edition pots are available in packs of two or four.

Price: £1 – pack of four (ASDA)

Calories: 164 per pot

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


Cadbury Pots of Joy – Limited Edition Dairy Milk Snowy Delight

Cadbury Pots of Joy – Creme Egg & Terry’s Chocolate Orange


3 thoughts on “Cadbury Pots of Joy – Strawberries & Creme

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