Magnum Double Chocolate & Double Peanut Butter

LUXURY editions of products are becoming increasingly popular and the latest company to do this is Magnum with their Double collection. Despite their typically raunchy advertising campaign that will entice everyone to try these lovely sounding Ice Creams, these latest releases aren’t completely new.

Taking the form of their Caramel flavour, the Double Chocolate and Double Peanut Butter Ice Creams contain that melted layer between the Chocolate and the Ice Cream that was once a ground-breaking composition. Both flavours have the typical Magnum shell that always has that satisfying crunch, below that you get a layer of melted Dark Chocolate in the Double Chocolate flavour which adds a smokier taste to the Ice Cream. The Peanut Butter flavour did have a melted layer that was more reminiscent of the original Caramel flavour. It initially tasted the same but there was a significant after taste of Peanut Butter which tasted very much like a Snickers Ice Cream.

Instead of the standard Vanilla Ice Cream, the Double Chocolate flavour contains Chocolate Ice Cream which offers something different but may split the opinion between the Ice Cream Purists. If you enjoy Chocolate Ice Cream then this new Double Chocolate flavour will become a huge favourite and is already proving to be popular in the shops. The Peanut Butter flavour does contain Vanilla Ice Cream but the taste is much more indulgent and fans of Snickers will really enjoy these. Both flavours are available in packs of three.


Double Chocolate: £1.75 (ASDA)

Double Peanut Butter: £1.75 (ASDA)


Double Chocolate: 218

Double Peanut Butter: 215

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Double Chocolate: 4

Double Peanut Butter: 4


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