The Collective – Brownlee Apple & Blackberry

IN LINE with the Olympic Torch being lit, companies are now beginning to heighten the countdown to Rio with all sorts of Olympic themed products. The Collective have decided to team up with two Olympian brothers from the London Games to help promote their foundation and although their product doesn’t have a unique flavour, this is going to a good cause.

The Brownlee Foundation, created by Triathlete brothers Alistair and Jonny, is ‘committed to giving children in Yorkshire a positive sporting experience and supporting the development of coaches and teachers in sport.’ For every tub of the Brownlee Apple & Blackberry Yoghurt sold, The Collective will donate 5p to the charity. Which means that if you’re not one who fancies running for charity or chucking buckets of ice all over yourself, this is a really easy and tasty way to do your bit.

The Yoghurt is as thick and moreish as traditional Collective Yoghurts. It’s not that well mixed as you’ll find the layer of Blackberry at the bottom, but a little stirring soon sorts that. The Blackberry flavour slightly neutralises the tangy taste of the Apple but the two flavours have always been a good pairing and tend to create quite a fruity flavour.

It might not be one of the most imaginative flavours that The Collective have ever come up with, but it is a flavour that deserves to be popular because of the charitable effort that’s being made.

Price: £1 (Morrisons)

Calories: 122 (per 100g) – 549 (per 450g pot)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


The Collective – Morello Cherry Kirsch

The Collective Gingerbread and Rhubarb & Vanilla Yoghurts


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