Angel Delight – Chocolate Mint

IT’S NOT often that companies offer customers the chance to help create a product and this one has been in the pipeline for nearly two years.

Back in 2014, Angel Delight asked their fans on Facebook to decide which flavour they should create next. After overwhelming feedback, we decided that Angel Delight should create a Chocolate Mint flavour. It’s now on the shelves but has it been worth the wait?

If you’re a fan of Angel Delight then you are arguably going to like this regardless as it takes the usual form of the popular whisked dessert. It has the fluffiness of a Mint Aero but it probably tastes closer to a Mint Cornetto. It’s an easy dessert to make so when you want a quick sweet treat this could be the one for you. It might not become one of the most popular flavours of Angel Delight but it is still very nice.

Price: 35p (ASDA)

Calories: 101

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


Hartley’s What’s Your Flavour Jelly

Nescafe Cafe Menu Mint Mocha



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