Nescafe Cafe Menu – Coconut Latte

YOU HAVE the power. It doesn’t happen very often but we, the customers, can decide the fate of Nescafe’s latest seasonal edition.

It’s slightly exotic and eyebrow raising but Nescafe are going to see how popular their new Coconut Latte will perform before deciding whether to release it as a standard flavour. As it is not an obvious drink flavour, a lot of people could be put off from trying it and that might kill it off before it has even had a chance to start.

However, if you are brave enough to give this a go then you should find it a nice, sweet drink. Unlike other Coffee flavours, there isn’t much of an aroma to this which is a bit of a shame as a Coconut smell would be quite a nice way to start the day. The flavour isn’t overly Coconutty but there is a slight taste to it which is quite sweet. It’s not as nice as other Latte flavours which may prevent this from becoming a standard flavour, but it is certainly something different and actually quite a nice drink. If it had a little more flavour then this could be even nicer.

Price: £1.50 (ASDA) – box of eight

Calories: 77

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


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10 thoughts on “Nescafe Cafe Menu – Coconut Latte

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  2. This is my favourite flavour – please continue to make it Nescafé!!! I buy these over normal coffee now, can’t imagine life without it😏


    • Utterly disappointedwith nescafe & stores. Why keep messing around with something good, the good in question, coconut latte. l like caramel & toffee but, the lattes of those flavours do not cut it. Toffee nut : ( even worse. Took a chance with coconut on its arrival & this is now our new god.


      • Completely agree John. They should never create a ‘new recipe’ as it’s always worse than the original. The toffee nut latte is a poor creation as we pointed out on our blog. But coconut offers something different and is very nice. Definitely stick with it John! 🙂


      • I have had tthem all before improvements, when they were better, but, have tried them all again since downgrade in quality and coconut stands out head and shoulders above rest.


      • Hi John, thank you for visiting and commenting. We agree, whenever a company put new and improved or improved recipe on their packaging it always seems like a money saving scheme that actually makes them unfortunately taste worse. It’s always sad to see companies do this. But yes the Coconut Latte is very different and very nice.


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