Sea. Salt – Locking Castle (With Gallery)

THERE’S a new Chippy in town.

Situated in Locking Castle, on the same complex as Morrisons, Sea. Salt has arrived with a mysterious full stop in its name and a fresh, quite literally, approach to the standard Fish and Chip Shop. In the same building as Costa and Ladbrokes, opposite the Leapfrog children’s centre, the menu is like any standard Chippy with your choices of Fish, Pies, Sausages and Burgers.

The staff are relatively friendly and do a good job overall. But what makes this stand out compared to other Chip Shops is that they cook their Fish to order. So instead of walking in and seeing the battered Fish already waiting in the hot counter, there’s no questions over how fresh it is as it’s fried right in front of your eyes. This does make the wait a little longer than you’d probably expect but it’s worth it just to have that freshness. There is some seating outside if you fancy some al fresco dining in the sun, staring at the road opposite, which is quite a friendly touch but arguably won’t be too well used.

Because of the freshness, the Batter is slightly thicker and darker but this makes it crisper and actually more flavourful. Something else that Sea. Salt do that’s slightly different is charge the same price for a large Cod and a large Haddock. Most places tend to charge more for Haddock, which is usually less bland than Cod, so this is quite a nice change to things. At £6.90 you get a big box of Fish filled with Chips which is really good value for money.

The Chips also carry a bit of a crunch which makes them taste slightly home cut, but again they contain that certain freshness to them. They don’t microwave their Pies either which prevents any soggy pastry. This usually tends to make them hard to eat comfortably without making a mess so this again is a major plus. Burgers are on the menu and you can choose between a standard Burger, Chicken Burger or a Veggie Burger. You can add Cheese for free which is also a nice touch but that should probably be the case anyway.

The only negative about the food probably comes from their Cheesy Chips. The Cheese tasted slightly plastic like but with the food being served in a box, the Cheese also tends to stick to the greaseproof paper and the cardboard which means you either leave a lot of the Cheese or get bits of paper in your mouth.

Despite competing with Costa, Subway and Domino’s, Sea. Salt offers something different to the complex and should do well in its own right as the menus don’t clash. In comparison with other Fish and Chip Shops, Sea. Salt will do pretty well as it’s very nice. The only thing that’s stopping them at the moment is that there’s not much advertisement of the establishment. But if you are in the area, definitely give Sea. Salt a try as you won’t be disappointed.

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