Table Table (Hobbs Boat) Spring 2016 Menu – (With Pics)

THE THIRD chain to release their joys of Spring was Table Table. Again we will keep updating this post every time we sample more of the menu but on first impressions, it looks like they have made the least additions to their menu. All pictures have been taken from The Hobbs Boat in Lympsham, near Weston-Super-Mare.


Carrot & Coriander SoupSoups are arguably more of a Winter starter but Table Table have decided to create a Carrot and Coriander Soup. If you like your Soups, especially this flavour, then you probably will enjoy this. You get quite a bit for your money which is good for a starter dish. However if you’re not really a fan then you are unlikely to enjoy this. The Soup was quite thick but it just tasted like mushy Carrots. The Coriander didn’t really do anything to add to the Soup and if you don’t like mushy Carrots you might find this hard to swallow. The best part of the dish was the thick pieces of Bread and Butter which did taste nice dipped in the dish but spoonfuls of it did not. Price: £3.99.Tomato & Buffalo Mozarella Salad

The only other starter that Table Table have added to the menu is a creative Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Salad. Again this will split the opinion as Tomato is one of those foods that people either love or hate. It is exactly what it says it is, a bed of Tomatoes topped with creamy Mozzarella and finished with some Basil. The Mozzarella masks the Tomato which does make this edible if you don’t like Tomatoes. It’s not the Cheesiest taste but more cream like and this is definitely something a bit different. If you’re looking for a lighter start to your meal and don’t mind Tomatoes then this could be a unique option to try. Price: £4.59


Chicken ForestiereOne of the nicest sounding dishes that some people may not have heard of before was the Chicken Forestiere. It’s basically an upmarket Hunter’s Chicken but without the Cheese and BBQ Sauce. It’s a Grilled Chicken Fillet wrapped in Bacon but topped with sautéed Mushrooms, Crispy Fried Onions and smothered in a creamy Diane Sauce. The Chicken lies on top of a bed of Buttery Mash which gives you a chip-free and a roast-like option if that’s what’s taking your fancy. With the toppings and the sauce, the Chicken is nice and tender and doesn’t go dry at any point. The Mash seemed to look a little skinned and felt thicker than normal, but it tasted fine and went with the Chicken nicely. It’s something a little different that hasn’t been seen in chain restaurants and is actually really quite nice. Price: £9.99.

The standard Pie doesn’t seem to be enough anymore to make people want to visit certain restaurants. This has led to some chains trying to create some unique Pies that might lure people in. Table Table have decided to make a Chicken, Gammon and Pea Pie. It takes your standard Chicken Pie and adds the thick and salty Gammon to make it a bit of a meat feast in Pastry. It’s served with Mustard Mash which does give it a slight kickGammon, Chicken & Pea Pie which some may feel will ruin ordinary fluffy Mash. It will also divide the Pie purists as there are those who believe nothing can beat Pie & Chips and those who think Pie should only be accompanied with Mash. The other thing about this dish is that it is undoubtedly a Pie. There are some ‘Pie’ dishes that only have a Pastry lid and the filling is in a ceramic bowl, to most this is simply a Hot Pot or Stew with a lid. A proper Pie should have a filling completely encased in Pastry which is exactly the case here. The only real downside to this dish is that the Pie is arguably too small. It’s enjoyable enough but you’ll probably want a bit more for your money. Price: £8.99.

Chicken KievA lot of establishments at the minute seem to be toying with the idea of turning popular home meals into restaurant quality meals. Table Table have done with this with a Chicken Kiev Dish. It’s a good portion of Chicken encased in that crisp shell with Garlic Butter just oozing out. What makes this different to your typical Chicken Kiev though is that the Chicken is still on the bone. Although this doesn’t necessarily add anything to the meal, it is quite a showy thing to do. Instead of Chips, this meal comes with Buttered New Potatoes which again gives this meal a certain restaurant feel to it. You know what you’re getting with this meal so if you like your Chicken and especially a Chicken Kiev, then you will be very satisfied with this dish. Price: £10.99.



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