Tenpin Bristol – (With Gallery)

BRISTOL has a new face in the Ten Pin Bowling industry.

Tenpin has arrived but other than the name, it’s quite hard to see any difference this has made. Tenpin has taken over the centre situated in Avonmeads Retail Park, St. Philips Causeway. It used to be owned by Hollywood Bowl and a lot of the colour scheme and signage, that doesn’t bare the Hollywood Bowl logo, still remains.

As a Bowling place, it’s arguably no different to any other. There’s over 20 lanes and the option to wear your own footwear is very pleasurable. The Arcade area is a bit small but there’s enough there to kill a decent amount of time and have a bit of fun. There’s the opportunity to play both Pool and Table Tennis which offers something a bit different to the standard Bowling.

The staff at Tenpin were extremely friendly and always happy to help, the only negative was that they seemed slightly short staffed as they were often running between the reception and bar areas, leaving at least one area unattended on a number of occasions. The place was clean and just a nice place to bowl overall.

As for the food, there’s a small menu but it is competing with Krispy Kreme, Greggs, Subway and McDonalds which may seem like nicer alternatives. However, the food at Tenpin is nice enough and certainly worth having alongside your game. For £14.99 you can have a Platter of two Beef Burgers, a Veggie Burger, 12 Chicken Bites, Six pieces of Garlic Bread, a portion of Fries and a portion of Lattice Fries served with two Ketchup and two BBQ Sauce dips. It’s advertised as being for six people which probably would be the case if you only want a snack, but if it was for a proper meal it’s more likely to suit up to four people. You know what you’re getting with the food and it all tasted fine, an easy no thrills meal that, for a one off, is really nice.

You can get the Lanes Classic Platter £10.99 which contains four less Chicken Bites, two less slices of Garlic Bread and no Veggie Burger or you could opt for Vegetarian option for the same price. This includes two Spicy Bean Burgers, which are quite crisp and flavourful, 16 Breaded Mushrooms, four pieces of Garlic Bread and the same portions of Fries and Lattice Fries. If you’d prefer not to share your food then you can have typical Burger and Hot Dog meals or choose a side dish of Nachos topped with your usual dips.

With a Showcase Cinema situated next door and a collection of shops including Clark’s, Pound World, Iceland, The Range and B&M, you could easily spend a day at the Avonmeads Retail Park and Tenpin will become a strong feature here.

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