Nescafe Cafe Menu Selection

EVERYONE loves a good selection box. It stops the need to choose between equally good things and also allows us to try more varieties.

The latest brand to do this is Nescafe with their new Cafe Menu Selection. With this, you get the typical eight sachet box but you get two Lattes, Vanilla Lattes, Caramel Lattes and Double Choca Mochas, which are arguably the four most popular and original flavours. If you like your Coffee with a hint of Chocolate then the Double Choca Mocha will pander to your tastebuds and give you that sweet caffeine hit. The Latte is the most original coffee flavour with that milkier taste but both the Vanilla and Caramel varieties give a sweeter taste and are certainly very satisfying.

If you like most of the flavours on offer here then you will really enjoy this selection box. It gives you a bit of everything and will certainly give you a gentle push into the direction of alternative Coffees.

Price: £1 (Iceland, Poundland, Tesco)

Calories: Latte: 86 Vanilla Latte: 75 Caramel Latte: 68 Double Choca Mocha: 91 (per sachet)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


Nescafe Cafe Menu – Coconut Latte

Nescafe Cafe Menu Mint Mocha


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