Aero Mousse Bar – Caramel

WHEN you hear Mousse, you think of a Chocolatey dessert in a pot. Well Aero decided to develop their Mousse into a Chocolate Bar; taking their familiar fluffy Chocolate and adding a layer of Mousse to make the bite even softer.

Following on their from their standard bar released last year, Aero have now adapted a Caramel edition. Although there is that sweet Caramel taste which adds something to the Chocolate bar, it’s probably not as satisfying as having a proper Caramel layer in there. There’s nothing better than biting into a Chocolate bar and having that Caramel ooze out. There’s obviously not that here as it is a layer of Mousse. So even though you get the taste, it’s not quite the same.

Overall it’s a nice Chocolate bar. It is a unique make up considering Aero’s texture and that added Mousse layer and you won’t be disappointed if you tried it. But it probably doesn’t stand out as a must try.

Price: N/A (Can’t currently find it on any supermarket website)

Calories: 194 per bar

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


Aero Hazelnut & Chocolate Mousse

Rolo Mousse


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