Rowntrees Randoms Minis

SUMMER has been upon us for the last couple of weeks and this has sparked everyone into firing up their barbecues and cooling themselves down with various frozen delights. Rowntrees have tried to capitalise on this by turning their popular sweet brand into an Ice Lolly form.

Their Randoms Minis are a small sweet treat with various components that fit the brand quite nicely. They come in a pack of 12 with four Lemon and Lime flavour, four Strawberry flavour and four Orange flavour. The outer coating of all three are very fruity with the Lemon and Lime flavour creating quite a tang.

Underneath the fruity layer, you’re met with a layer of frozen Marshmallow. This is slightly different to the expectation of an Ice Cream layer that you’d find in a Split. The Marshmallow feels slightly softer than Ice Cream would and arguably smoother. But it is definitely quite a nice difference and accompanies the fruitiness nicely.

It doesn’t stop there though. When you think that you are finished with the fruity flavour, underneath the Marshmallow layer there’s a tangy Blackcurrant centre that’s semi-liquefied and again this tastes quite random but surprisingly doesn’t taste out of place. Once you have enjoyed the treat, each stick contains a piece of alliteration such as Orange Octopuses just to give you one last bit of randomness before it’s all gone. The only negative to these though is that they melt quite quickly which can make them hard to keep on the stick, but overall they are an extremely nice small treat that’s healthier than a full size Ice Cream.

Price: £1.25 (ASDA)

Calories: Lemon & Lime – 42 Strawberry – 42 Orange – 42

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


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