McVitie’s Trio

DOES anyone remember Suzy? If not, here she is in her full glory:

That was back in the 1980s when the Trio bar first hit the shelves way up until 2003 where it was discontinued. But, after a successful Facebook campaign, the Trio bar is back and can be enjoyed by a whole new generation. Originally, this triple threat bar was manufactured by Jacob’s but now McVities, under the rebranding procedure made by parent company United Biscuits, have taken the reins and look to revel in the legacy that Suzy had left. This advert was created by the late Bob Godfrey who, most notably, created the 70s children’s show Roobarb.

For those who weren’t around when Trio was in its prime, it’s a Biscuit base bar coated in Chocolate with a layer of Toffee in between the three chunks of the bar. It has the same crunch and feel to it as a Club Chocolate Bar which is incidentally made by the same company. Club has also undergone the same rebranding that’s been made by United Biscuits. Their idea was to make Jacob’s the name of their savoury products and McVities the name of their sweet products which is why both Trio and Club have had to go though this seemingly only aesthetic change of branding. The added layer of Toffee also makes the Trio bar taste like Munchies, which aren’t part of the United Biscuits umbrella.

If all three ingredients to this Chocolate bar make your ears prick up or you’re a fan of both Clubs and Munchies, or if you want a piece of nostalgic Chocolate back in your life, definitely give Trio a go. These bars are available in packs of six.

Price: £1 (ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s)

Calories: 124 per bar

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


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