Ambrosia Deluxe

CUSTARD has been a staple Dessert accompaniment ever since it was created. In all that time, it hasn’t really changed much. But now the forerunners in the Custard business have decided to keep up with the trend of giving their products a luxury makeover.

Ambrosia Deluxe sees their Custard pots entwined with three other ingredients to create these three new luxurious products. For some reason, Ambrosia thought that one of the best things to add to a dairy product would be another dairy product and hence the Custard with Clotted Cream flavour was born. As far as these go, the Custard is always going to taste nice and just like any Custard does. The addition of Clotted Cream does make it sound more luxurious and there is a creamy taste which seems to actually takes away some of that nice Custard flavour. This actually makes it slightly disappointing as no-one wants to miss out on that Custard flavour and it’s definitely one of those thinking outside but right up against the box moments.

Their second flavour comes in the form of Creamy Toffee. Now this does offer a differing flavour to the dairy Custard but unfortunately there’s not enough of it to make a real impact. There’s the slightest hint of a darker taste which the Toffee would provide but it’d be hard to tell this apart from any other thick pot of Custard. This is arguably the nicest sounding attempt on paper, but it just didn’t fulfil the expectations.

The third and final Ambrosia Deluxe flavour is in-keeping with the latest trends; Salted Caramel. Out of the three, this one was arguably the most differing in flavour although it wasn’t particularly Salted, which can viewed as either good or bad depending on you opinion of Salted Caramel. Again there was no overpowering difference in flavour and as it was a Custard based product it was just really nice.

Overall all three products do very little to the Custard on the whole. The food purists won’t approve of Ambrosia’s attempts to change the flavour of Custard but they haven’t really changed it enough to warrant buying them again. All three are nice because of the Custard element and although they do sound really enticing on paper, they don’t really deliver and that’s disappointing. All three flavours are available in single 150g pots and the Clotted Cream and Creamy Toffee flavours are also available in 400g tins or 500g cartons.


Clotted Cream: 150g pot – 47p (ASDA) 400g Tin – 50p (Amazon, ASDA) 500g Carton – 50p (Amazon, ASDA)

Creamy Toffee: 150g pot – 47p (ASDA) 400g Tin – 50p (Amazon, ASDA) 500g Carton – 50p (Amazon, ASDA)

Salted Caramel: 150g pot – 47p (ASDA)


Clotted Cream: 164 per 150g pot

Creamy Toffee: 180 per 150g pot

Salted Caramel: 180 per 150g pot

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Clotted Cream: 2

Creamy Toffee: 2

Salted Caramel: 3


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