Rustlers Pulled Pork Sandwich

A LITTLE late to the party, but Rustlers are hoping to make sure that BBQ Pulled Pork wasn’t so 2015 with their new Microwavable Burger; the Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Sandwich.

If you’re in a rush or don’t feel like cooking a big meal, this Pulled Pork Sandwich is ready in about three minutes. You first have to put the sachet of Pulled Pork into the microwave for about 90 seconds before leaving it to stand for a further half a minute. Unlike most Microwavable Burgers, there’s a bit of DIY involved as, whilst the Pork is left standing, you then have to put the Seeded Bun in the microwave for another 45 seconds or so depending on the wattage of the appliance. Normally most of the time you put it all in together. Once that is done, you can slaver on the Pulled Pork, which does look extremely unappetising given its texture and colouring, and then add the sachet of BBQ Sauce that comes with it.

Microwave meals quite often divide the opinion and you’re not a fan of them then it’s probably not worth you making exceptions here. If this is your cup of tea then it is slightly different to your standard Beef or Chicken Burger and it is in-keeping with the trend. Unfortunately, as is the case with most Microwavable Burgers, instead of the Bun being nicely toasted and crisp like it would if you’d put it under the grill, this Bun is rather soft and leathery. It’s never fun having to physically rip the Bread apart with your teeth. It’s not the tangiest tasting Pulled Pork but it doesn’t taste unlike other Pulled Pork products so there is some authenticity to it even if it is just a microwaveable meal. It could possibly do with some more Sauce to give it a bit more of a kick but that can be added externally if you feel like it. Overall this Pulled Pork Sandwich was fine, not fantastic, and maybe worth trying if you like both Pulled Pork and Microwaveable Burgers.

Price: £2.20 (Sainsbury’s)

Calories: 276 per Burger

Would We Buy Again (/5): 2


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