Hula Hoops Pufts – Beef

AFTER a very successful start to life, Hula Hoops Pufts have now added a fourth flavour to their range. Released last year, Hula Hoops released these Pufts as puffed Crisps that were bigger and thicker than original Hula Hoops and they became very popular.

They have now turned to one of their most popular original flavours, Beef. These were being advertised back in January and they have finally reached the shelves of Weston-Super-Mare which means the anticipation is finally over. Thankfully, Hula Hoops have used the same flavouring as their original Beef Hula Hoops. But because Pufts are that bit bigger it doesn’t taste as flavourful which is perhaps disappointing. They are as crisp as the other Puft flavours but they are less calorific than original Hula Hoops, by about 40 calories. This means that if you are looking after the calories you can still get the same great Beefy taste but in a much healthier way. The weight of the Pufts packs are much lighter but it doesn’t mean that there’s less in them necessarily.

These probably aren’t as nice or flavourful as the Salted flavour but they’re definitely up there. The appeal of having less calories in them will certainly drive people to buy them and they’re definitely worth trying. It’s a good move by Pufts and they can become just as popular as their Beefy counterparts.

Price: 95p (Sainsbury’s)

Calories: 72 per pack

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


Hula Hoops Pufts

KP Reindeer Bites


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