Goodfella’s Stonebaked Thin – BBQ Pulled Pork & Meat Feast

ONE of the biggest decisions when choosing a Pizza, aside from the toppings, is whether to have it Deep Pan or Thin Crust. There are some people out there who have a particular preference and there are others who are more influenced by what is actually on the Pizza.

Goodfella’s have added two new flavours to their Stonebaked Thin range, which is arguably less calorific than the standard Deep Pan variety due to there being less dough. These Pizzas are said to take longer to make because they rest the dough for a longer period of time before baking them on a stone surface. The interesting thing is though is that both of the new Goodfella’s Stonebaked Thin Pizzas haven’t actually made it onto their own website yet. Goodfella’s have decided to release a traditional Meat Feast flavour but are also keeping with the trend and have now made a BBQ Pulled Pork Stonebaked Thin Pizza.

These Pizzas aren’t only thinner than some but they also seem a little smaller than others as well which lessens their value for money somewhat. Their Meat Feast Pizza is similar to any other really with Pepperoni, Ham and balls of Spicy Sausage. The good news about this Pizza is that there is a good portion of toppings which instantly makes this one of the better Meat Feast Pizzas. It’s not exactly a new flavour but it is just as good as any other and buying this will probably come down to whether you prefer a Thin Crust Pizza or not. But if you are wanting a Meat Feast Pizza then this should definitely be thought about.

Goodfella’s have been a little more unique with their BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza. Many Pulled Pork products use a tangy BBQ Sauce and this has perhaps become the norm to many of us. However, this BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza uses a much smokier sauce that’s similar to Jack Daniels’ BBQ Sauce. It’s a bit woodier and doesn’t contain any tang. Alongside the Pulled Pork, this Pizza is also topped with Red Onion. Being Stonebaked, these are very crisp Pizzas but Goodfella’s definitely bring something different to the BBQ Pulled Pork party with this. It actually makes this taste quite refreshing with the sheer amount of BBQ Pulled Pork Products out there and it’s a really nice Pizza to try.


Meat Feast: 89p (ALDI)

BBQ Pulled Pork: £2.50 (ASDA)


Meat Feast: 900 per Pizza

BBQ Pulled Pork: 812 per Pizza

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Meat Feast: 3

BBQ Pulled Pork: 4


BBQ Pulled Pork Pizzas

Goodfellas Deli Di Lusso



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