Lucozade Zero

LOWER calories has definitely been the focus for many brands in recent times and Lucozade are the latest to release a lower calorie edition to their range.

Lucozade have taken two of their original flavours, Orange and Pink Lemonade, and have reduced the calorie content. Now, their main ploy is selling these drinks as having absolutely no calories in them, hence being called Lucozade Zero, but they aren’t actually calorie free. Lucozade aren’t breaking the false advertisement law as a company can sell a drink as such as long as it has no more than four calories per 100ml. But just be aware that all of the prose stating that this drink has no calories, which is printed all over the bottle, it’s not strictly true.

All of that aside, the main difference between the Lucozade Zero drinks and their original counterparts is that both taste a lot less soda-like which makes them instantly more flavourful and therefore nicer. The Pink Lemonade flavour is actually fruity and could easily be drunk as a standard glass of pop. There’s a slight tang to it and an aftertaste that’s similar to Grapefruit, but if you don’t mind these flavours then you’ll find this quite nice.

The same can be said for the Orange flavour. Like previously mentioned, it doesn’t have that bitter soda taste but it also doesn’t have the tangy and fruity flavour that the still Lucozade Energy Orange flavour has. It does taste like a standard Orangeade though which again is very easily drinkable and is arguably healthier to have. These are available in one litre bottles, 500ml bottles, 250ml bottles and a 380ml six-pack.


Pink Lemonade: 1L – £1 (ASDA, Ocado, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco) 500ml – £1.25 (ASDA & Tesco) 250ml – N/A Six-Pack – £2 (ASDA)

Orange: 1L – £1 (ASDA, Ocado, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s & Tesco) 500ml – £1.25 (ASDA & Tesco) 250ml – 30p (ASDA) Six-Pack – £2 (ASDA)



Pink Lemonade: 5 (per 250ml)

Orange: 10 (per 250ml)


Would We Buy Again (/5):

Pink Lemonade: 3

Orange: 3


Lucozade Grafruitti

Powerade Berry & Tropical




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