Yeo Valley Strawberry Cream Tea

THERE IS a growing issue with ‘gourmet’ bio Yoghurt companies releasing flavours that sound extremely nice but are ultimately just a standard flavour that probably didn’t need the semantic description.

Yeo Valley are one of the biggest culprits and their latest Special Edition, Strawberry Cream Tea, follows this same pattern. Not only does the name sound nice but there’s supposed to be a taste of Scone and a hint of Tea which arouses the tastebuds and instantly makes you want to try it. In the small print it does say that this is a Strawberries and Cream flavoured Yoghurt which automatically rules out the taste of Scone and hint of Tea, which unsurprisingly is non-existent. It’s been mentioned before that citing a Cream flavour in a Yoghurt is a bit of a non-entity as a dairy product within a dairy product doesn’t change the product in any way.

As far as this Yoghurt goes, it’s a nice tasting Yoghurt. But it’s just basically a Strawberry Yoghurt and if you like that flavour then definitely give it a go but don’t expect to taste anything other than Strawberry.

Price: £1.25 (Sainsbury’s)

Calories: 104 per 100g – 468 per 450g pot

Would We Buy Again (/5): 2


Yeo Valley Banana & Custard

Cadbury Pots of Joy – Strawberries & Creme


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