Fray Bentos – Chicken & Bacon Pie

MEALS that come in tins don’t always offer the best value and can sometimes be off-putting. Fray Bentos are one of the biggest companies that deals with canned produce but it’s had many changes of ownership. Unilever, Campbell’s Soup and Princes have all had Fray Bentos under their wing but, since 2011, Baxters have been in control and have decided to extend Fray Bentos’ range to include Deep Fill Pies and other microwaveable products.

One of Fray Bentos’ latest products is a Chicken and Bacon Pie. Despite being canned Fray Bentos Chicken & Bacon Pie (Cooked)and being a meat product that’s in date until 2018, this shouldn’t be judged before it’s eaten. After opening the lid, you place the rest of the can in the oven and leave to cook for half an hour. By that time the pastry on top of the Pie rises and looks as golden brown as any other Pie. The Pastry is actually really crisp and flaky and, as the size of the can is probably bigger than a typical pie, you get more crispy lid for your money.

The meat inside is quite thick and tastes quite nice. The only negative to it is that there didn’t seem to be much meat in the Pie and the main taste is the creamy sauce inside. The only other negative is that the pastry can get stuck to the side of the can which is really hard to get off but as far as Pies go, this is a really good pie. What’s more, it saves on the washing up as you eat out of the can and this makes it a true quick meal after a hard day at work.

Price: £1.50 (Morrisons, Iceland)

Calories: 650 per Pie

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


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4 thoughts on “Fray Bentos – Chicken & Bacon Pie

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  3. Fray Bentos pie is a waste of money it had 2 very very small pices in and no bacon in. I will not be buying it again. Waste of cooking time spent.


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