Pot Noodle – Mac & Cheese

THE ULTIMATE snack company have some real gems amongst their products as well as some flavours that leave a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, Pot Noodle’s latest flavour falls into the latter category and was probably always likely to be.

What makes Pot Noodles great is some of their more meaty flavours that actually go well with Noodles and the added water. But their Mac and Cheese flavour really doesn’t mix well with the water which has always been the case with dairy products, they just don’t mix with water. The Macaroni part doesn’t really add anything to the Pot Noodle as the Pasta and Noodle are virtually the same thing. The worst thing about it is that the water left at the end actually contains more flavour than the Noodles.

There’s the slightest hint of a creamy taste but the overall feeling to this is that it’s like eating cardboard. It’s very bland and unfortunately not the nicest Pot Noodle to ever grace the shelves.

Price: 50p – Morrisons

Calories: 450 per pot

Would We Buy Again (/5): 1


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