Santa Maria Pulled Pork Dinner Kit

EVER since it burst onto the scene, Pulled Pork has been made by pretty much everyone who wants their piece of the trend. Well now it’s your turn to create your own Pulled Pork meal with Santa Maria’s Pulled Pork Dinner Kit.

Inside the kit are Tortillas, a bag, marinade for Red Onion and the all important BBQ seasoning. On the back of the pack are instructions of how to make the perfect BBQ Pulled Pork. It says on the instructions to use 1kg of Pork, either Chops or something equivalent, however 600g upwards is plentiful for at least two people.

You must place the Pork inside the bag along with the seasoning and gently shake. At first the bag doesn’t seem big enough, but it does the job really well. Then you place the bag in an ovenproof dish and leave to cook for 90 minutes. The secret to Pulled Pork has always been a long slow roast so it’s probably wise to plan ahead when wanting to try these.

Once it’s all cooked you put the Pork into a bowl or onto a plate and begin shredding it. Using two forks, it becomes really easy to pull the meat apart and it actually feels like you’re a proper chef for the time being. The marinade that also comes with the pack is said to go with Red Onion but other vegetables that you would like to have can go with it just fine. It gives the food a bit of a kick which actually goes quite nicely with the tangy BBQ Pork.

Once all is prepared you can go onto enjoy these Pulled Pork wraps which are actually really nice and flavourful. One of the best parts of these kits is that you can add your own twist to them for instance including some grated Cheese or Peppers to give it a proper Tex-Mex feel. Apart from the time, this is really easy to create with really clear instructions that ultimately ends with some home-cooked Pulled Pork that you can be proud of and the whole family can enjoy.

Price: £3.99 (Ocado)

Calories: 131 per wrap (as a rough guideline depending on what you add to it)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


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