Fayre & Square Spring Menu 2016 – (With Pics)

NOT ONLY have Fayre & Square released their Spring Menu, they have also revamped their look. Gone are the meals at two different prices and in comes the familiar Two for £10 on selected dishes. They have also matched Hungry Horse with six meals at £6 on Mondays and also a free starter or dessert with every Steak or Grill dish purchased on a Wednesday.

Like the rest of the articles in this series, all posts will be updated when more of the menu is tried. All pictures were taken from The Star in Congresbury, near Weston-Super-Mare. Fayre & Square have slightly cheated with some of their new meals as they are different takes on previous dishes that have been created before but they are still just as creative as before.


Mac & CheeseThe only new starter that Fayre & Square have added to their menu is Mac & Cheese. This is usually a main dish that tends to be for the smaller appetites and now it’s been shrunken further to become a starter. For a slightly smaller price, you can also purchase this as a side dish but this starter is so good that it could easily be a popular main if it was slightly bigger or accompanied with something. This four Cheese Macaroni is really Cheesy and creamy and the Vegetarian Bacon Crumb adds a slight crunch to the dish. It doesn’t taste any different to your usual Bacon flavouring and the addition of two bits of Garlic Bread just adds to this dish. As a starter, this could well become one of the most popular, it’s quite hearty and just tastes really good. It’s one of those starters you could happily turn into a main and eat more of. Price: £3.49.


Chicken Meatball LollipopsThere is also only one new sharer that Fayre & Square have added to their menu, but it’s a very fun and unique one. It’s the Chicken Meatball Lollipops dish; 12 Lollipops sitting in a bowl waiting to picked and dipped into Sweet Chilli, BBQ Sauce or Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Mayo. Once you’ve picked your sauce and dipped you Lollipop you can top it with some crushed Poppadom, Bacon crumb or some Italian seasoning which tasted a bit like Cool Original Doritos. They all add a crunch to your otherwise tender and flavourful Chicken. This is a sharing dish that certainly hasn’t been seen before and one that will be enjoyed by many groups. It’s one for the Chicken lovers but also one for fans of something different and it’s very enjoyable. There’s enough of all the sauces and toppings so there also shouldn’t be any fighting. Price: £7.49.



Hog BoardA couple of Fayre & Square’s new mains aren’t completely unique as they are new versions old dishes. For instance, their Hog Board is the new name and line-up that used to be the Piggy Platter. Instead of a Gammon Burger, Ribs and a Bacon Steak you found in the Piggy Platter, the Hog Board has slightly been downsized. The Burger remains but now you get two BBQ Pork Hammers and your Chips topped with BBQ Pulled Pork instead of having a third sole element. The Minced Gammon Burger had that same salty taste as before but this time it’s topped with that Bacon crumb and Bacon Mayo which added a slight smokiness to it. The BBQ Pork Hammers were similar to the old Ribs but this time they were more like Chicken Wings; meat on the bone that looks like a hammer. The meat was very tender and apart from getting your fingers messy, this was a new way to enjoy BBQ Pork. The Pulled Pork topped Chips tasted as they should and although they weren’t as big as the old Steak, it was a nice way to enjoy the Chips. It’s one of those platter style dishes that will continue to be enjoyed. Price: £11.99.

Another renewed dish is the Meat Feast BBQ Basket. This used to be the Chicken in a Meat Feast BBQ BasketBasket dish but this has been changed to allow other Meats to be incorporated into this meal. Alongside Fries and bucket of BBQ Sauce hanging from the top of the basket, there’s another chance to try the BBQ Pork Hammers with that tender meat. There’s Chicken Wings which remain from the previous edition but there’s also Ribs in the basket which are again really tender, you can just pull the bones away. The only other difference to this dish is that there’s no side accompaniment of Onion Rings anymore, which some people would argue complete the dish nicely. However, as well as Coleslaw there is now also a side of BBQ Beans. It’s again arguably not as big as the Chicken in a Basket but it is now more of a Meat-lover’s dream and it’s still a very aesthetically pleasing dish. Price: £12.99.

Trio of SkewersAnother Meat feast that’s more original, and slightly international, is the new Trio of Skewers dish. This dish also has a number of elements and, as the name suggests, consists of three different Meaty Skewers. On the one Skewer, you have BBQ Rump Steak which arguably wasn’t saucy enough as it was quite tough to chew. On the second Skewer you have Brazilian marinated Lamb with added a slight spice but was quite juicy and tender. On the third Skewer, you had Sweet Chilli Pork which again added a bit of a kick. The meal is served with Dirty Rice which is becoming a slight trend in some places. It’s plain Rice which is discoloured by cooking it with a variety of ingredients which all add flavour to what is usually bland Rice. There’s also a dish of side Salad but what makes this dish even more intriguing is that it comes with three soft Tortillas. This means that this dish can now become a Fajita-style dish where you can choose what goes into the Tortilla. There’s one for each Skewer or you can opt to mix the Meats to combine all of the flavours. There’s multiple ways that you can enjoy this meal and that is what will probably cause the popularity for this dish. It’s also quite a hearty meal that’s cheaper than quite a few of the other options. Price: £8.99.

Fayre & Square have also kept it simple the addition of their new Classic Hot Dog. This Classic Hot Dogmeal is also now part of the two for £10 deal which is really safe choice for someone who wants a standard, no fuss, dish. The Hot Dog is served in a soft Brioche Roll and has a typical Hot Dog style Sausage inside. It’s topped with a lot of Fried Onions which is nice if you like them and the meal is also accompanied by Onion Rings and Fries. It’s a little dry without the inclusion of any Cheese or Sauce but you can always ask for some Ketchup or any other sauce to put in it yourself. It’s one of those meals that it what it is and you know exactly what you’re getting and how it’s going to taste. Price: £5.49.

The Hot OneThey have been a little more inventive with their Burger menu however but these are only if you don’t mind a bit of spice. The Hot One sees a typical Burger being topped with a real American favourite, Chilli Beef as well as Applewood Smoked Cheese and a Jalapeno Melt. Chilli Beef has long been added to Burgers and other BBQ treats in America and it’s starting to grow in popularity over here as an accompaniment instead of a meal. It’s a messy one given the contents and although there is a burn, it’s not enough to make you need a drink or overpower the tastebuds. It’s a nice addition and offers a Burger choice that not many other chain restaurants have looked at doing before. It’s certainly worth trying. This too comes in a Brioche Bun and is served with Fries and Onion Rings. Price: £7.49.

Fayre & Square have added a twist to Fishcakes with their new Smoked Haddock and Haddock & Mozzarella FishcakesMozzarella Fishcakes. These taste like normal Fishcakes except there’s melted Mozzarella that oozes out of them. The quantity of Mozzarella isn’t fantastic unfortunately so you’re not met with the Cheesy gooeyness at every bite. The outer crumb is very crisp and gives a nice crunch. This meal is accompanied by Salad and Fries and also Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Mayonnaise. It’s a very colourful Mayonnaise as it’s bright orange and has a very tangy taste. It’s probably a summery style of Mayonnaise but it’s arguably not as good as traditional Mayo. Price:£6.99.

Chickpea & Spinach CurryFor the Vegetarians among you, there’s a few dishes to try out as well. There’s a new Curry to sample. Their Chickpea and Spinach Curry is a combination that a lot of chain restaurants use for Vegetarian meals but not necessarily in this way. It’s also Vegan friendly. Every mouthful has a soft chew to it, similar to Potato in a soup or a Hash. There’s a slight spice to them but again it’s not really overpowering and this is arguably where the flavour actually comes from. It’s not the most flavourful dish in the world and the added Rice and Poppadom does bulk the meal up but doesn’t really add prevent the blandness of it. Price: £5.99.

If Mexican is more your thing then you could try the Vegetable Burrito. This has a realVeggie Burrito street food feel to it as the Burrito is served split in two and wrapped in foil. Unlike other Mexican meals where you either get Nachos or Fries, this meal comes with both which makes it a bit of a feast. The Nachos are topped with Salsa, Cheese and Jalapenos to give it a heat. Inside the Tortilla is a mix of Rice, Mixed Beans, Peppers and Sweetcorn. It’s smothered in a Louisiana style sauce which is quite smoky and there’s also Sour Cream to cool the tastebuds. One of the main flavours is the Mozzarella inside the Tortilla and this time there’s plenty of it to ooze out of every bite. This is a really good, mixed dish with a lot of elements. There’s some dryness in parts which is probably inevitable given the amount of ingredients but overall there’s quite a bit of flavour and it’s very filling. This is also part of the two for £10 deal. Price: £5.49.

Chick and Mix

Chick & Mix - Chicken SkewersOne of the things that sets Fayre & Square apart from the other chain restaurants is their Chick and Mix section. For those of you who aren’t aware, this section of the menu allows you to select a Chicken style dish in any way you like, add a sauce and two sides from the selection, a little bit like Nandos but at half the price and much more filling. The newest addition to this section is the choice of having two Chicken Skewers. The Sauce options come in a pouring jug so you can use as much or as little as you wish. There’s a new Spicy Jerk Sauce to choose which is extremely hot and gives a real taste of the Caribbean. It uses a Scotch Bonnet Chilli and a hint of Lime to create the sauce.

Other Sauces are Sun-Dried Tomato & Garlic, Peri-Peri, Lemon & Garlic, Peri-Peri Hot and Beer Can BBQ. You can then choose two sides from Skinny Fries, Chips, Seasoned Fries which have a Chicken Seasoning, Cajun Style Dirty Rice, Onion Rings, BBQ Beans, Jacket Potato, Mac & Cheese, Coleslaw, Corn Cobettes and Side Salad. It’s another really filling dish and as you can create whatever you like it’s pretty much tailored to you and it’s a really good price. Price: £7.99.


Fruit the LoopOne of Fayre & Square’s more popular sharing desserts came in the form of the Helter Skelter dish. It was a Helter Skelter of Profiteroles accompanied by dipping sauces that not only tasted great, but was also very aesthetically pleasing. Well that’s now been revamped into the Fruit the Loop Sharer. Alongside a handful of the original Profiteroles, there’s now Strawberry, Orange and Banana Profiteroles to pick from and enjoy. All are coated with a shell of flavour and also contain Fruit flavoured Cream to add even more taste. The Strawberry and Orange Profiteroles had a slight zing to them whereas the Banana Profiteroles tasted like Banana Milkshake. You had the choice of dipping your chosen Movie Night Mug SundaeProfiteroles into either Chocolate or Strawberry Sauce and then continue to top them with either Hundreds & Thousands or Cadbury’s Crunchie pieces. Be warned that this dish can get very messy with dripping Sauces and shells falling off of the Profiteroles. But this is a really nice dish that’s quite a bit of fun and great to share. Price: £7.99.

Another fun and aesthetically pleasing dish was Fayre & Square’s Brownie in a Mug creation from last season’s menu. It was a ceramic mug made to look like a battered tin can, holding a collection of Brownies, Marshmallows and Ice Cream. This time around, it has been turned into the Movie Night Mug Sundae. There’s a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and what was supposed to be Popcorn Ice Cream, which just tasted like Chocolate Ice Cream. Before you get to the Ice Cream, there’s a mountain of Cream topped off with that same Oreo Cookie. There’s some Popcorn which adds a crunch to the dessert and also Toffee pieces which add a soft, chewy opposition. Get towards the bottom and you’re met with a crispness as you find Coco Pops to add another element to this sweet treat. It’s arguably a better version of the Brownie in a Mug with more flavours but it is missing that Chocolatey flavour that came from the soft Brownies. Price: £3.49.

Lemon Meringue CheesecakeFayre & Square have amalgamated two classic desserts to create a Lemon Meringue Apple & Cherry Crumble SliceCheesecake. There’s the zesty and tangy flavour as well as the soft, crunchy Meringue pieces that you expect from a Lemon Meringue but there’s also the thick and creamy middle that makes Cheesecakes so filling. The dish is completed with Cream topped with Strawberry Sauce which makes this dessert slightly moreish. The Cream inside the Cheesecake slightly neutralises the Lemon flavour which does take away some of the refreshment but this is a nice dessert nonetheless. Strawberry Shortbread SundaeDefinitely one for those who prefer Cakes to Ice Cream at the end of a meal. Price: £3.99.

Another Dessert that has been given a twist is their Apple & Cherry Crumble Slice. It’s not one of the biggest Desserts on the menu and that might lead to a few disappointed faces. But this dish takes two of the most popular Crumble flavours and places them inside a Pie type slice. It’s topped with a familiar Crumble lid which adds a sweet crunch to correspond with the tangy filling. It comes with Custard which always completes a good Crumble. Price: £2.79.

The only new Sundae that Fayre and Square have incorporated into this menu is their Strawberry Shortbread Sundae. The Fruitiness gives a real sense of sunnier times and has quite a tangy taste to it. The crushed Shortbread gives the dessert a nice crunch to oppose the softness of the Ice Cream and Strawberries. There’s Vanilla Ice Cream as well as Strawberry Ice Cream and there’s also crushed Meringue which continues the amalgamation feel that these desserts are all seeming to have. Apart from the addition of Shortbread, this isn’t an altogether new idea but it’s a nice Fruity Sundae nonetheless. Price: £3.49.


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