McCoy’s Thick Cut Crisps

THE MOST famous name in ridged crisps have turned their hand to making flat chips with some similarity to the flavours of their original form.

McCoy’s have created six flavours and have divided them into two five-pack bags. If you’re a family, this won’t go down too well as that means that there’s only one pack of two of the flavours which could cause a few arguments. There’s the classics pack which contains your Salted, Salt & Cider Vinegar and Cheddar & Red Onion flavours.

These crisps are actually quite thick and similar to the thickness that Golden Wonder used to be. The other good thing about these is that the bags are pretty full which makes a change to the usual half-empty, disappointing packs that you get. The only downside to these, like normal McCoy’s, is that they are pretty high on the calorie spectrum. So if you are trying to cut down but finding crisps hard to stop, these will not help.

In the classics pack, there’s only one bag of Salted crisps. These don’t really taste any different to any other Salted flavour crisp so if Salted is your favourite flavour, then these will continue to be. The Salt & Cider Vinegar and Cheddar & Red Onion sound a bit more fancy than their standard counterparts but they don’t really taste any different. The only flavour to have their own five pack is the Cheddar & Red Onion flavour. The Salt & Cider Vinegar flavour doesn’t taste as vinegary as the ridged crisps and that’s possibly because there’s no collection of flavouring in between the ridges. This means there’s less burn whilst eating them which arguably makes them nicer.

The other pack is a meaty variety which includes Crispy Bacon, BBQ Chicken and Beef & Onion. Beef & Onion isn’t something that McCoy’s have tried before and it tastes pretty much like Walkers’ version. The only real difference here is that the McCoy’s version tastes a bit saltier which arguably decreases the flavour. There’s only one Crispy Bacon bag in the pack and these again pretty much taste like the normal ridged flavour. The only really original flavour that McCoy’s have created here is the BBQ Chicken flavour. There’s the typical smokiness from the ridged crisp but these flat crisps also have an overriding tanginess to them from the BBQ Sauce. These are quite different to normal Chicken crisps and work really nicely.


Meaty Pack – £1 (Morrisons, Poundstretcher, Sainsbury’s)

Classics Pack – £1 (Morrisons, Poundstretcher, Sainsbury’s)

Cheddar & Red Onion Pack – 75p (ALDI)


Salted – 160 per pack

Salt & Cider Vinegar – 158 per pack

Cheese & Red Onion – 158 per pack

Crispy Bacon – 158 per pack

BBQ Chicken – 157 per pack

Beef & Onion – 158 per pack

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Salted – 2

Salt & Cider Vinegar – 4

Cheese & Red Onion – 3

Crispy Bacon – 3

BBQ Chicken – 4

Beef & Onion – 3


Daily Fish ‘n’ Chips – Brown Sauce & Red Sauce

Walkers Tear ‘n’ Share


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