Barny ABC Bears

LEARNING isn’t always easy, especially when trying to teach spelling to your little ones.

However it has been said before that learning through food and fun can be very successful and really help a child’s development. Now one of the biggest names in the Children’s food industry has offered a hand in trying to help the learning process. Barny have produced a product called ABC Barny Bears - Choc (Waists)Bears. These are biscuits that are available in both Cocoa and Vanilla flavours and each teddy shaped biscuit has a letter printed on it.

Each flavours comes in a box of six packets and on the back of each box are ideas on how to play with these bears whilst enjoying them. One of the ideas was to pick one of the biscuits and ask your child to say as many words either from a theme or just generally that begin with the word on the biscuit. Another is to get all of the biscuits out of the pack and see how many words your child can spell out, or indeed the biggest word they can find.

As for taste, these taste like any other breakfast biscuit. They are slightly stodgy which leads to some dryness but overall they are nice enough and could be used as a snack substitution for your breakfast biscuits. But overall these could be really great for kids and could aid their development and their spelling which can only be a good thing.


Cocoa – 85p (ALDI)

Vanilla –  £1 (Iceland, Morrisons, Poundland)


Cocoa – 112 per pack

Vanilla –  113 per pack

Would We Buy Again (/5): 

Cocoa – 2

Vanilla – 3


Capri-Sun BanApple

Kinder Joy


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