Dairylea Lunchables Stackers – Pepperoni Pizza

SCHOOL might be out for the Summer but that hasn’t stopped Dairylea releasing a new Lunchables Stackers fit for a school lunch or picnic for when you’re out and about during the holidays.

These have always been popular amongst schoolchildren but if you’re also looking to try them alongside your kids, these may not be as nice as you might remember. These new Pepperoni Pizza Stackers aren’t a completely new concept as Dairylea did once release Pizza Dunkers with long biscuit sticks that had a slight tinge to them which resulted in a numb burn. The Biscuits that you get with these have the same taste but it’s not as strong.

The only problem with these though is that the Biscuits are far too dry and they overpower the rest of the product. On its own, the Pepperoni does have a slight spice but you can’t taste it alongside the Biscuits. The Cheese is that same rubbery Cheese that you always get with the Stackers which again doesn’t add much to the product. These do smell a lot more like a Pepperoni Pizza than they taste and if they came with sauce to prevent the dryness, these might be quite nice.

Price: £1.12 (Waitrose)

Calories: 344 per product (approx.)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 1


Capri-Sun BanApple

Kinder Joy


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