Cadbury Crunchie Spread

CHOCOLATE Spreads have been becoming a bit of a trend recently, everyone wanted a piece of Nutella’s popularity and we have since been able to enjoy Maltesers, Bounty, Milkyway and Twix Spreads to name a few. The latest, and Cadbury’s first, to hit the shelves is a Crunchie Spread.

It’s a melty, thick Chocolate Spread that tastes virtually like melted Dairy Milk. It goes well with virtually anything that a Chocolate Spread usually goes with but it can be a bit sickly after a while. Like with all of these new Chocolate Bar Spreads, there’s pieces of Crunchie included. This gives the Spread a bit of a crunch and authenticity to it, otherwise it would just be any ordinary Chocolate Spread. So if you like Chocolate Spread on Toast, in a Sandwich, on Crackers or however else you prefer, and also enjoy a Crunchie, then this new Spread is certainly worth trying and will be very satisfying.

Calories: 83 – per 15g

Price: £1.50 (ASDA, Sainsbury’s)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


Rowse Honey & Cinnamon

Cadbury Dairy Milk – Oat & Crunch


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