Pringles – Brazilian Salsa Style & Spicy Chilli Samba

WHILST the Olympics have been in full flow, there’s been nothing like sitting back and enjoying all of the thrills and spills with Rio inspired snacks keeping you going.

One of the companies to give you a taste of Brazilian flavour has been Pringles with their new two limited edition releases; Brazilian Salsa Style and Spicy Chilli Samba. For those who aren’t a fan of spice, you may find the Spicy Chilli Samba ones a little overpowering as, over time, there’s quite a kick to them. Initially, they taste quite fruity and Pepper-like with a flavouring similar to Paprika Pringles. If you like Paprika Pringles then you should like these even with the twist of the Pepper-like fruitiness. The kick doesn’t really take anything away from the flavour thankfully but it does make the eyes water with the more you have.

The Brazilian Salsa Style Pringles are a bit milder. These are more tangy than spicy and aren’t really that different to their older Brazilian Zesty Lime & Chilli flavour. These Salsa Style Pringles didn’t taste as flavourful as the Zesty Lime & Chilli ones and some actually just tasted like an original Pringle which was a bit disappointing. The ones that do have enough flavouring on them do taste like Salsa though which is a credit to them.

Whether these are definitely authentic Brazilian flavours is another matter but these new Pringles are both quite nice with the Spicy Chilli Samba ones arguably being the most unique and probably the nicer of the two, as long as you can take the burn that comes over time.


Spicy Brazilian Samba: £1 (Morrisons)

Brazilian Salsa Style: 89p (ALDI)


Spicy Brazilian Samba: 153 – per 30g serving (969 – per 190g can)

Brazilian Salsa Style: 153 – per 30g serving (969 – per 190g can)

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Spicy Brazilian Samba: 3

Brazilian Salsa Style: 2


Pringles – Pizza Flavour

Pringles Tortillas – Smokey BBQ


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