Yorkie Crack It & Rolo Crack’It

CHOCOHOLICS are always looking for new ways to enjoy their dairy delight and Nestle have come up with an ingenious adaptation to the standard Chocolate Pudding by using two of their products.

Yorkie and Rolo Crack’Its come in packs of two and within each little pot sits either a bit of Yorkie inspired Chocolate Pudding or Rolo inspired Caramel Pudding. On top of the pudding is a lid of Chocolate that’s quite thick and needs to be cracked by your spoon in order to reach the pudding that waits underneath.

The Yorkie Crack’It has a darker lid to it than the Rolo Crack’It and both Puddings are rich and thick. Fortunately, the Dark Chocolate lid of the Yorkie Crack’It isn’t that bitter so it doesn’t overpower the Milk Chocolate Pudding underneath. The two flavours mix well together as does the texture of the liquid Chocolate Pudding compared to the solid Chocolate lid. The only thing that lets this down is that it doesn’t taste like a Yorkie. It’s the same as any other Chocolate Pudding and although this is a really nice dessert, the Yorkie name is only being used as a selling ploy.

The Rolo one is arguably slightly more authentic because you get the contrast of the liquid Caramel Pudding against the Milk Chocolate lid which is the same contrast that would get with standard Rolos. The Caramel Pudding is much sweeter and adds a differing flavour to Chocolate which always goes together nicely. If you like your Caramel then these are definitely the ones to choose but you won’t be disappointed with either.


Yorkie Crack’It: 79p (ALDI)

Rolo Crack’It: 79p (ALDI)


Yorkie Crack’It: 199 per pot

Rolo Crack’It: 207 per pot

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Yorkie Crack’It: 3

Rolo Crack’It: 4


Rolo Mousse

Aero Hazelnut & Chocolate Mousse


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