Young’s Gastro Marinades – Lemon & Herb and Sweet Chilli Basa Fillets

FROZEN Fish has been experimented with a lot recently. No longer are you stuck with only having Cod, Salmon, Haddock or Scampi to choose from, you can now have a variety of seafood in your freezer that comes in all types, from boil in a bag to breaded and from Calamari to Basa, every need is now seemingly catered for.

One of the forerunners of this revolution has been Young’s with their ever expanding Gastro range. A couple of their latest releases into this range come in the form of Basa Fillet Marinades. In a box comes two Basa Fillets marinated in either Lemon & Herb or Sweet Chilli and they only need to be placed into the oven to cook so there’s no trouble with them.

If you’ve never had Basa before, it has a similar taste to Cod but it seems a bit less flaky and more together which makes them easier to pick up with a fork. The only negative to these marinated fillets is that the marinades don’t cover the whole of the Fish which leaves the outer edges a bit dry and flavourless. However, the bits of the Fish that are covered are really flavourful and makes a really nice Fish Dish. The Sweet Chilli has no heat whatsoever which is unlike many Sweet Chilli products. This means that the marinade isn’t overpowering so you do get the taste of the Fish but it has the hint of Sweet Chilli which makes it go down a bit easier.

The Lemon & Herb marinade is quite zesty and is arguably more flavourful than the Sweet Chilli. Lemon has always been a partner of Fish so it’s probably no surprise that this marinade is arguably the nicer of the two. There’s a slight Gingery taste to these which no only gives them a slight kick but actually adds a bit of a caramelised taste to them.

For a slightly alternative choice to your Fish and Chip Fridays, these are really worth trying not only because it’s not the most common Fish but also because of the different flavours that come with it.


Lemon & Herb: £2.50 (Iceland, Sainsbury’s, Tesco)

Sweet Chilli: £2.50 (Iceland, Sainsbury’s)


Lemon & Herb: 116 per fillet

Sweet Chilli: 124 per fillet

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Lemon & Herb: 4

Sweet Chilli: 4


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