Tropicana Trop 50 – Red Berries & Multi-Vitamins

BRANDS are always looking for ways to make their products healthier whilst still maintaining their flavour and keeping their profits high. Juice giants Tropicana are no different with their Trop 50 range which is advertised as having 50% less sugar. As sugar is the buzz word for many food health reports at the moment, especially with the increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes, these drinks will arguably become an alternative for standard refrigerated Juice drinks that are usually quite popular.

Their latest two flavours to make it on the shelves come in the form of Red Berries and Multi-Vitamins. Both are quite nice and refreshing but both actually taste like flavours of J2O and there’s an interesting reason as to why this may be case. On the surface, PepsiCo owned Tropicana and Britvic owned J2O share no relationship and seemingly have no reason as to why their products would taste similar. However, Britvic is actually a licensed bottler for PepsiCo products that are sold in the UK. This means that both J2O and Tropicana would be bottled and distributed, and therefore manufactured, by the same people in this country. Their relationship has even seen Britvic introduce Gatorade to the British market after securing the rights from PepsiCo.

The Multi-Vitamins Trop 50 flavour is advertised as having a mixture of seven different fruits. It really just tastes like J2O’s Orange and Passionfruit flavour as it has the same tang without having any Citrus flavour to them. The Red Berries Trop 50 flavour tastes like J2O’s Apple & Raspberry flavour which is quite juicy and refreshing but without any real tang to it. You should shake the bottles before drinking as their can be a build up of bits on the bottom which can put some people off but as long as you like the J2O flavours, you should like both of these drinks. Having 50% less sugar and with more per bottle, as these come in one litre bottles, it should make these Trop 50 drinks quite popular, just don’t expect a unique taste to them.


Multi-Vitamins: £1 (Morrisons)

Red Berries: £1 (Morrisons)


Multi-Vitamins: 20 per 100ml (200 per bottle)

Red Berries: 20 per 100ml (200 per bottle)

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Multi-Vitamins: 2

Red Berries: 3


J2O Midnight Forest & Midnight Amber

J2O Garden Rose


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