Doritos Ultimate Cheeseburger & Sizzling Salsa

IT’S COMPETITION time and your chance to bag yourself £20,000. There’s arguably nothing better than a food competition because even if you don’t win, you’ve had the chance to try some new food which is usually fresh and exciting. Now it’s Doritos’ turn and they’ve released two new flavours for you to try and decide which one you like best. Following that, decide how you would destroy the other flavour and if Doritos like the idea, the money is yours.

The two flavours vary in originality. On the one hand, you have the Ultimate Cheeseburger flavour. It’s long been said that the usual base flavours for Crisps are either Meaty or Cheesy and Ultimate Cheeseburger ticks both boxes. Unfortunately, there’s not really any taste of Cheese so you’re just left with another Meat based crisp. As all Meats have had a Crisp flavouring done to them, it’s extremely hard to find a new Meaty Crisp that tastes any different. Being a Beefy flavour, these Crisps taste similar to the BBQ Rib Doritos and although they’re quite nice and flavourful, these aren’t really any different which ultimately makes them slightly disappointing.

On the other hand, there’s the Sizzling Salsa flavour. These are different, but not, all in the same crunchy mouthful. There’s not too many Sauce based flavours of Crisp out there so this direction does feel quite refreshing. These ultimately taste exactly like Doritos’ Salsa Dip so if you like dipping your normal Doritos into the Salsa Dip, you’ll really enjoy these Salsa Doritos. There’s a slight heat to them which is similar to Chilli Heatwave Doritos but it doesn’t really build up over time nor overpower the flavour. The Sizzling Salsa Doritos are definitely the more exciting out of the two new flavours but if you’re not a fan of Salsa than these really won’t appeal to you.


Ultimate Cheeseburger: 99p (Waitrose)

Sizzling Salsa: 62p (ALDI)


Ultimate Cheeseburger: 148 per 30g serving – 1480 per 200g bag.

Sizzling Salsa: 148 per 30g serving – 1480 per 200g bag.

Would We Buy Again (/5): 

Ultimate Cheeseburger: 2

Sizzling Salsa: 3


Doritos Roulette 

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