Laughing Cow Mini Cravings – Goat’s Cheese, Salmon & Dill and Onion

SPREADABLE Cheese has been getting more inventive in recent years. More and more flavours are being added to these products to offer something different and now Laughing Cow have introduced a third set of Mini Cravings. The previous two renditions were first released last year as little Cheese snack squares offering a range of different flavours which could either be spread on something or just used to cure a hunger craving between meals.

This latest Mini Cravings set sees Goat’s Cheese, Salmon & Dill and Onion come together with eight squares of each flavour coming in a pack. In comparison with the other two sets, these are arguably more inventive and are perhaps similar to the set that includes Ham & Herb, Three Cheese and Garlic & Herb.

The Onion Mini Craving tastes very similar to the Garlic & Herb one. There is a slight Oniony taste to them but, because of their size, they could easily be mistaken for a Garlic flavour. It’s a typical partnership, Cheese & Onion, but this isn’t really how the classic combination should taste. It is quite nice though.

If you like your Fish then you will probably like the Salmon & Dill Mini Craving. If you really don’t like Fish then you really won’t like these as these do taste really Fishy. It tastes very similar to Philadelphia’s Salmon & Dill Spread but perhaps not as overpowering due to the small size of the cube.

The Goat’s Cheese Mini Craving doesn’t really taste too dissimilar to an ordinary Cheese cube. There is a slight tang to them but you would be hard pushed to tell the difference. The Mini Cravings are quite a good idea and are pretty unique in their category. This set in particular perhaps doesn’t offer anything new but they are nice enough to try and be satisfied with as a snack.

Price: £1 (Sainsbury’s & Waitrose)

Calories: 14 per cube

Would We Buy Again (/5): 2


Seriously Strong Spreadable Squares

Philadelphia – Mediterranean Herbs


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