Peperami Tex Mex

SOME brands rarely change. Their popularity is that stable that they don’t really need to reinvent themselves or keep up with latest trends. Peperami, it would seem, was one of those brands as it has taken a reported eight years for them to release a new flavour. That wait is now over as you can now try a Tex Mex flavour Peperami.

Available in a snack pack and their famous Bunch of 5s, these new Peperamis are arguably being made to cash in on the fact that the Mexican cuisine has apparently overtaken Chinese as the UK’s favourite foreign food. If you’re put off by the original spiciness of the normal Peperamis then you might prefer these as the spice is replaced by a Salsa tang. The tang does build up into a bit of a burn over time but it’s not very overpowering and although this might not be a true taste of Mexican, this is an enjoyable taste that offers something different and could make Peperami more accessible to more people with this milder flavour.


Snack Pack: £1 (ASDA)

Bunch of 5s: £1 (ASDA & Sainsbury’s)

Calories: 25 per snack pack piece, 127 per single Bunch of 5 Sausage

Would We Buy Again (/5): 2


Peperami Roll

Feasters Premium Flame Grilled Deluxe with Bacon & Cheese



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