Aunt Bessie’s Mini Yorkshire Puddings

YOU CAN’T have a Roast without Yorkshire Puddings and you arguably can’t beat a Roast without a little help from everyone’s favourite Aunt, Bessie.

As well as the standard Yorkshire Puddings, Aunt Bessie had released giant versions of the family favourite and now there’s the return of Mini Yorkshire Puddings. Aunt Bessie had released these before but usually as a festive thing as they make good Canopes and they only came in packs of 18.

These new Mini Yorkshire Puddings come in packs of 30 so you’ve got lots more mini goodness to bake and use however you wish. They are arguably more versatile than your standard Yorkshire Puddings as these could still be used with a Roast but they could also be used at parties and filled with virtually anything that your creative juices can think of. Being an Aunt Bessie product, these are always likely to be popular and they are just as nice as you’d expect. They are certainly worth trying despite not really giving you anything new.

Price: £1.25 (ASDA, Morrisons, Waitrose)

Calories: 16 per Yorkshire Pudding

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


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