Cadbury Layers of Joy – Jaffantastic

THE LATEST Dessert/Cake to get turned into a humble Yoghurt is the Jaffa Cake, courtesy of Cadbury’s Layers of Joy.

These small pots always tend to split the opinion because of their size and this will be no different, but what will also split the opinion is the texture of this new release. In between the standard rich Dairy Milk Chocolate Mousse that we’ve been used to with these products, sits a layer of Jaffa Orange Jelly that brings that familiar tang that’s been a household favourite for decades. Like the rest of the Layers of Joy products, these are available in packs of two.

To make this Yoghurt as authentic as possible, Cadbury have also added a layer of sponge between the Mousse and Jelly. It does make this taste more like a Jaffa Cake but being sandwiched between the layers of Chocolate Mousse, it makes the Sponge really soggy. This is what will split the opinion as a lot of people will be put off by the idea of a soggy Sponge. Although it does taste quite authentic overall and is quite nice, the texture really devalues the product and this mixed in with the disappointing size of the Yoghurt may harm its success.

Price: 79p (ALDI)

Calories: 186 per pot

Would We Buy Again (/5): 2


Cadbury Pots of Joy – Strawberries & Creme

Cadbury Pots of Joy – Limited Edition Dairy Milk Snowy Delight




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