Ritz Crisp & Thin – Roast Chicken

CRACKER Crisps were arguably the most successful release in 2015 but the flavours have all been quite similar and not too experimental. There’s been the typical Cheesy and Salt & Vinegar flavours that helped to make these products really popular, but there hasn’t been a Meaty flavour until now.

Ritz has now changed that with their new Roast Chicken flavoured Crisp & Thins. In terms of flavour, these arguably taste similar to Chicken & Thyme Walkers Sensations rather than a standard Roast Chicken flavour, perhaps because there’s not really a powdery burn. Due to the texture and they way they’re produced, these do have a salty baked taste to them which is what made the previous flavours so moreish. They are also still as stodgy which is probably the only negative to these in comparison with other Cracker Crisp brands. But as this is the only Meat flavour to hit the shelves so far, it’s a refreshing taste that works well and will hopefully pave the way for more Meat flavours.

Price: £1 (Tesco)

Calories: 135 per 30g serving (450 per 100g bag)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


Ritz Crisp & Thin

Jacob’s Cracker Crisps – Smoky Barbecue


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