Mars Bites, Twix Bites & Snickers Bites

WITH CADBURY leading the way in turning their Chocolate Bars into bite size sharing packs that are usually half filled despite their hopeful addition of being able to reseal the bag for later use, Mars have now caught up by doing the same with three of their most popular products.

They have taken Mars, Twix and Snickers, chopped them up into little thumbnail pieces and placed them in a bag for you to share, or to have on your own. There wasn’t really any surprise to the amount of air that came in the packaging and all of them tasted how you would expect them to, so this is only really a new way to enjoy them. But the thing is, are these worth buying in comparison with their original counterparts. Twix had the least amount of pieces in the bag at 25. Without measuring properly, they are about a quarter of the size of a normal Twix finger. Therefore there’s only about three full Twix bars, six fingers in this bag. Now although these can be bought for 50p which is cheaper than one standard Twix, you can buy nine Twix fingers for 65p which means you can get a third extra for only 15p more which then makes the Twix Bites less economical.

Snickers were slightly better with 26 in the pack and Mars had the most with 30 pieces. Due to the thickness of a Mars or Snickers, you could easily fit eight of the Bites to match a whole Mars or Snickers bar. That means that a bag of Snickers Bites correlates to three Bars and Mars Bites correlates to almost four Bars. Again, the Bites are cheaper than a standard Bar but Mars Bites are the same price as a pack of four Mars Bars and as Mars Bites is just under four Mars Bars, it’s still probably worth just sticking to the Bars. Again it’s worth sticking to the Bars with Snickers. Snickers Bites are the same price as a pack of four Snickers Bars, so for an extra Bar the financial sense is to buy the multipack.

The other question, which is always on the lips of consumers, is how different do the portion sizes and calorie intakes compare. A portion size according to the Twix bites is a quarter of the packet, so basically six which is a finger and a half. That apparently equivalates to 173 calories whereas a whole Twix, which is supposed to be ten grams less per portion allegedly, is only 124 calories. Which begs the question, which would you rather have?

As for Mars Bites, there’s 203 calories per third of the bag. So that’s ten Bites which is just over one whole Bar but a Bar actually contains 230 calories and is arguably six grams heavier which is a different outcome to Twix Bites. Snickers Bites have 220 per third of the bag which is just under nine Bites so about the same as a Bar. A single Bar actually has 245 calories at just three grams heavier. So again in terms of calories, the Bites would be better but it’s remarkable at how different they measure their portion sizes and calorie intake.

As they’re not really financially worth buying it’s hard to justify purchasing them. They are a different way to enjoy your favourite Chocolate and being a bitesize formar in a bag, they could be nicer to snack on whilst watching a film or something but that’s where the positives end.


Mars Bites: £1 (ASDA)

Twix Bites: 50p (Poundstretcher)

Snickers Bites: 99p (ALDI)


Mars Bites: 203 per third of the bag (609 per bag)

Twix Bties: 173 per quarter of the bag (692 per bag)

Snickers Bites: 220 per third of the bag (660 per bag)

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Mars Bites: 2

Twix Bites: 2

Snickers Bites: 2


M&M’s Mix

Snickers & Hazelnut


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