Monin Chocolate Cookie

AUTHENTICITY is arguably the number one factor for any new product, especially if it’s a flavouring of a different product. Flavoured Coffee has been growing in popularity recently with a few companies releasing their own range and offering some competition to the original barista style Syrups.

Like most things, once you find a Syrup or Coffee that you enjoy you’ll intend to stick by it and Monin’s latest Syrup will certainly have this effect. For those who find Coffee a little too bitter, this new Chocolate Cookie flavoured Syrup will help. At first, it was hard to see how this was going to taste anything other than a typical Mocha with maybe a hint of Amaretto as these are both popular Coffee flavours. It does obviously have Mocha base as that is what Chocolate Coffee basically is. But alongside this, there’s actually a crumbly Biscuit taste that has a slightly dark hint, exactly like a Cookie.

It’s a surprise to have a Syrup that tastes exactly as advertised and it’s because of this authenticity that will surely make this Monin syrup very popular.

Price: £1.60 (ASDA)

Calories: 334 per 100ml, 33 per mug (as directed)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 5


Nescafe Cafe Menu – Coconut Latte

Nescafe Cafe Menu Mint Mocha


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