Robinsons Citrus Sours

For those of you who like Sour things, Robinsons have released a new Juice hoping to suit your needs.

If you enjoy their Lemon flavour, which is a very popular flavour, then you are also likely to enjoy this new Citrus Sours flavour. The only real problem with this new Juice is that it doesn’t really taste too different to the standard Lemon juice.

It is arguably a little sharper than the standard Lemon but it definitely doesn’t stand out as a flavour all on its own. As with all Juices, the taste gets stronger the less diluted you have and although this is a nice flavour, it is rather disappointing.

Price: 72p (ALDI)

Calories: 10 per 100ml (concentrate)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 2


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