Ritz Bakefuls

THE LATEST product to come out of the booming Cracker Crisp industry is the new Ritz Bakefuls.

Available in Cream Cheese & Onion and Sea Salt & Vinegar flavours, these new Crisps are a little thicker than Ritz’s own Crisp & Thin and are as buttery as Jacob’s Cracker Crisps which is what originally made them so moreish. These are available in multipacks consisting of five packs and, being the first of their kind, will be a very popular snacking alternative because of their moreish nature.

The Cream Cheese & Onion flavour didn’t have an overpowering Onion taste which will please quite a lot of people as an Onion aftertaste can be quite off putting. Being a baked snack with the buttery feel, the Salt & Vinegar Bakefuls have the same taste and texture as Burton’s Fish ‘n’ Chips but are arguably in bigger packs.

As these are the first Cracker Crisp product to be in a multipack, these are likely to be a really popular lunchtime snack and it’ll probably always be a disappointment when the pack is finished.


Cream Cheese & Onion: £1 (Morrisons & Tesco)

Sea Salt & Vinegar: £1 (Tesco)


Cream Cheese & Onion: 109 per 23g pack

Sea Salt & Vinegar: 108 per 23g pack

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Cream Cheese & Onion: 3

Sea Salt & Vinegar: 4


Ritz Crisp & Thin

Ritz Crisp & Thin – Roast Chicken


2 thoughts on “Ritz Bakefuls

  1. The Ritz Crisp & Thin Sea Salt & Vinegar is different and definely not as tasty as they when first came out – you can hardly taste the vinegar now since me and my boyfriend loved them at first because of the strong vinegar taste. I tried online to see if they have changed the recipe but I can’t see anything? Does anyone else think the same – I would not rush to buy again in a hurry whereas on launch I struggled to get enough of them to buy in the shops! Disappointed.


    • Hi Karen, thank you for taking the time to read the blog and comment. The observation is much appreciated, if they have changed the recipe it will be extremely disappointing as they were really moreish being so vinegary. Don’t understand why companies have to meddle with good recipes. Thanks again. Paul


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