Kit Kat Chunky Cookie Dough

COOKIE Dough has been extremely popular over in America in recent years and it has been beginning to take off in the UK too. Ben & Jerry’s played a big part in this with their ever so moreish Cookie Dough Ice Cream and now a lot of other companies are trying to get their slice of the trend.

Nestle are one the latest companies to do this with their new Kit Kat Chunky. Resembling a standard Kit Kat Chunky, the Cookie Dough comes in a layer on top of the Biscuit where the Caramel sits in a Caramel Kit Kat Chunky. As Cookie Dough is thicker than Caramel, it doesn’t ooze out like Caramel and this arguably makes it harder to taste.

As the layer is only thin it is far too overpowered by the Chocolate and Biscuit to really get a good taste of the Cookie Dough which is really disappointing. It is quite hard to distinguish this from a normal Kit Kat Chunky apart from a slightly creamy texture that is also akin to Caramel. Nestle might have been better replacing the Chocolate around the Biscuit with Cookie Dough to give it an edge and a proper Cookie Dough flavour as this is actually rather disappointing.

Price: 40p (Ocado)

Calories: 224 per bar

Would We Buy Again (/5): 2


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